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The Alliance for San Rafael’s Future is an advocacy group which works to advance deep political change in San Rafael. 

Our staff includes:

Branden Barber, web master for the Alliance

Tamela Fish, Communications Strategist 

Abad Leyva, Spanish language Translator

Jonathan Frieman, Co-founder

The Alliance for SR's Future is descended in spirit, but certainly not legally, from The Alliance for San Rafael’s Safety, a group of concerned citizens which met for a few years in an effort to get good people on San Rafael's City Council, and was instrumental in getting Greg Brockbank and Damon Connolly elected to the Council

Among the several  Safety attendees:

John Alden  

Moira Brennan

Jonathan Frieman

Daisy Furlong

the late Hugo Landecker

Kiki LaPorta

Diane Linn

the late Steve Patterson

Roger Roberts

Dan Mullen

Steve Schoonover

We now take this moment to memorialize our spiritual mentors, the Messrs. Steve Patterson and Hugo Landecker:

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